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VocabularyExpander is an easy way to expand your foreign vocabulary.

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VocabularyExpander is a software based on flash cards which help you to memorize about 30-70 foreign words every week.
The essence of memorizing with flash cards based on the tenet known as Rote Learning (Wikipedia). This method is long standing, time proven and probably the oldest approach to memorize something whether it are movements in martial arts or memorizing an multiplication table. It is based on repetition something untill you do it automatically, if you try it once you will be wondered how it is easy to memorize foreign words with little effort.
Before computer age people used paper flash cards writing out word in one side of a card and translation to another. And after cards preparation they shuffled and pulled out random card for translation from time to time. Now you can do the same with VocabularyExpander: just add cards to the program and exercises will repeat automatically after configurable period of time untill you had learned the word.
This program will not help you learn grammar but it can significantly improve your vocabulary.
To facilitate adding words to the program we created an extension for Google Chrome: you able to translate word with Google translator and add as a flash fard to VocabularyExpander.
How to use VocabularyExpander
1. Install VocabularyExpander
2. Add a foreign word what you want to memorize to VocabularyExpander
( you can add a word with VocabularyExpander dialog or with an extension for Google Chrome )
3. Accomplish time spaced exercises. Or run an exercise manually ( try to translate words )
Thats all.
User Interface

Add card with VocabularyExpander


Add card with Google Translator ( Google Chrome required )

After installation the VocabularyExpander chrome extension you will see a such button "+VE" in translator. When you click on this button word will be added for exercise. If addition was successful button will change picture. chrome_screenshot

Program menu

If the program is launched you can find a program menu in the toolbar notification area, or you are able to access all functionality by clicking the main icon of VocabularyExpander. Add flash card Will display a dialog to add new word to a dictionary.
Show dictionary Allow to see, edit, add, and delete words in dictionary.
Deactivate If you are doing something important and dont want be interrupted by VocabularyExpander exercises you can deactivate exercises for some time.
Get full versionIf you have already tried VocabularyExpander but trial version is expired, you can buy full version if you will decide it is worth.
Start exercise, About and Exit are quite obvious.


The VocabularyExpander settings is simple and self descriptive. May be just need to mention that there are several types of exercises: You can check translation from one language to another and vise versa as well ( by default it is mixed type ). In addition you able to use word sound in exercises.


And finally lets consider window for exercises. When it is appear ( It will appear after some period configured in settings) you need enter translation or original word ( depends of exercise type ) and click "check" button, if you put correct value the window become green or red if it is wrong.
You can choose should it to be verified all letters of word (whole word in options) or just entered letters ( by default it is second option ).
To facilitate memorizing we suggest to check meaning and alternative translations ( buttons will be active if there are values ). Also to improve pronunciation listen word sound, then record and listen yours.
Smart algorithm for exercises

Sometimes it may be very easy properly repeat translation during one-two days, but actually it doesn't mean you memorize word for long time, because after some time it is easy to forget.
To avoid this situation we added some delays between exercise repetition: first 50% of exercises will go continuously, then in next 25% appears after couple of days, and final 25% after one week.
Keep in mind that every unsuccessful answer decrease count.
Trial version limitation

This software has a trial version limitation by amount of exercises. After some period, depends on your activity, you will be asked to purchase full version to remove this limitation. check price
Connect to developers

If you find any bug or have any wishes or proposals to improve VocabularyExpander don't hesitate to contact us: .

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